City Attorney

As the City of South Salt Lake's main legal counsel, the City Attorney provides legal advice to all City departments, boards, and elected officials and prosecutes misdemeanor offenses that occur within City limits.

What We Do

The City Attorney represents the City in all legal matters. The City Attorney's work falls into two main Divisions, civil and criminal:

Civil Division

This division is responsible for non-criminal legal action required by the City. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Resolving legal claims against the City out-of-court
  • Representing the City in court
  • Pursuing claims by the City against other individuals or entities
  • Keep the City updated on changes in State and Federal legislation
  • Preparing and reviewing all proposed ordinances and resolutions coming before the City Council
  • Finalizing and reviewing all contracts entered into by the City

If you receive a Civil Citation, please refer to the back of your citation for important guidelines. Contact our office at 801-483-6068 with any other questions pertaining to civil citation payments.

Administrative Law Judge
The administrative law judge presides over all administrative hearings regarding civil citations that arise from city ordinance and code violations. To learn more about code violations, visit the Code Enforcement page.

Criminal Division

The City Attorney supervises the prosecution of misdemeanors and infractions committed within the City of South Salt Lake, as well as any appeals from convictions for those offenses.

Class A misdemeanors are generally prosecuted by the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office. The City Attorney does not prosecute felony offenses.

In order to recover its costs, the City Attorney's office charges fees for production of discovery in both civil and criminal cases. Individuals found indigent by the Court may qualify for free discovery in their criminal proceeding. See the City's Consolidated Fee Schedule for more information

Fingerprinting Services

The SSL Justice Court provides fingerprint services for $20, you must schedule an appointment.

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