Justice Court

South Salt Lake (SSL) Justice Court

Beginning November 20, 2023 all hearings will be in person.

Limited exception may be made for extraordinary circumstances.  Prior approval from the Court is required.  

The South Salt Lake Justice Court is open to the public without COVID restrictions.  However, if you have COVID -19 symptoms or feel unwell, please do not come to the court.  We also encourage everyone to continue to use safety precautions such as hand washing, covering nose and mouth while coughing/ sneezing, and giving your neighbors in the courthouse space to feel comfortable. 

All previously scheduled hearings/ trials set for WebEx or In Person will remain scheduled in the originally scheduled format unless you are notified of a change.  You will be informed if there is a change in how future hearings will be scheduled at the time those hearings are set.

If you are scheduled for a WebEX hearing and are unable to access your hearing by telephone or Webex, please call the court for other options. If you want to observe a hearing, contact the court at the same number. Webex hearings can be accessed by the public by using the link posted on each case in the Utah Courts website under Find Hearing Date.

Thank you for your continued efforts to ensure safe and cooperative experiences in the Justice Court.

Making Payments

Please make payments online. You will need your citation number or case number to complete a transaction.

You may make payments over the phone if you have difficulty doing so online.

If you need to make a payment with cash, please obtain a money order or cashier's check and mail it to:
SSL Justice Court
220 E Morris Avenue
South Salt Lake, UT 84115 

You may also place the money order or check in the dropbox on the west side of City Hall. Do not put cash in the drop box. Make sure we can read your signature and provide a case number or date of birth with the check or money order. Court payments cannot be taken by any other city department.


The South Salt Lake Justice Court ensures fair, impartial, and efficient application of the laws of the City of South Salt Lake and the State of Utah. The South Salt Lake Justice Court addresses:

  • Class B and C Misdemeanors
  • Infractions
  • Traffic Citations
  • Small Claims cases
  • Expungements

Contact the Court

If you have an open case in the South Salt Lake Justice Court, please contact the court at 801-483-6072 to update your contact information, check on hearing dates, discuss options for moving your case forward or discuss any other questions you may have.

Electronic Submission of Official Documents

Please direct any electronic filings or other official court documents via email to the Justice Court.

Please note: Include a case number or date of birth with your attachments.


Members of the public can now check their warrants online - free of charge. The warrant check screen can be accessed at the Utah Department of Public Safety website.

Ordering a Certified Copy of Your Case Information

If you would like a certified copy of information from your case, you may order it from the Justice Court. Certification costs $4 and printing costs $0.50 per page. Contact us at 801-483-6072 to learn more.

Fingerprinting Services

We provide fingerprinting services to the public by appointment using LiveScan to generate ten-print cards. Please call 801-483-6084 to make an appointment. The fee is $20.