Homeless Strategies & Resources

South Salt Lake City is dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of all our residents. Anyone who is currently facing homelessness, experiencing it, or knows someone in crisis has access to our robust network of federal, state, and local resources to address their needs. For additional information and resources, please reach out to our Homeless Strategies Department or our Homeless Resource Officers.

Community Outreach

Along with our Police, Fire, emergency medical services (EMS) providers, and community-based partners, the City wishes to ensure that the guests of the Pamela Atkinson Resource Center (PARC) and surrounding community members are safe and informed. We invite the community to reach out to discuss ways to improve our approach and keep people and properties surrounding the PARC safe. Your input, feedback, and participation are valuable and welcome.

To learn more about our efforts, monthly meeting notes, along with the most current data reports from the Fire Department and the Police Department, can be found in the following PDF format documents:

Police and Fire Data

Homeless Resource Officers (HROs)

In 2018, South Salt Lake Police Department began a program with a specially trained group of police officers to handle the unique circumstances and situations that arise at both the Men's Resource Center and in the community with people experiencing homelessness. Officers work in tandem with The South Salt Lake Homeless Strategies Department, The Road Home, Shelter the Homeless, South Salt Lake Fire and EMS Department, and local South Salt Lake City businesses. This team can respond with both resources and public safety tools as needed.

They can be reached through a dedicated number 801-412-3684 or by calling the non-emergency dispatch number 801-840-4000. In an emergency, please call 911.

Have a question or concern regarding South Salt Lake? Reach out to the City via Neighborhood Connect: 801-464-6757, connect@sslc.gov.

South Salt Lake Neighborhood Connection 801-464-6757 connect@sslc.gov