Community Centers

South Salt Lake community centers are designed to help residents network, learn new skills and enjoy their recreation time in a safe and constructive environment. They are open to the public and host programs run by our Recreation Department and Arts Council. Each center also hosts free Promise South Salt Lake youth programs. Promise SSL offers the children and teens of our community an excellent support system beyond home and school.

There are three South Salt Lake community centers, and an additional ten Promise neighborhood centers hosted in other educational buildings. The SSL community centers include Columbus, Historic Scott School and Central Park.

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Neighborhood Centers

Promise South Salt Lake leads programs for youth and families at ten other Neighborhood Centers, in partnership with Granite School District, Utah Department of Workforce Services, United Way, and many other valuable partners. These centers offer afterschool and summer programs, in addition to family support and job skills. Each center is different and you can learn more about the programs by contacting Promise South Salt Lake.