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The South Salt Lake City Police Department (SSLPD) has served South Salt Lake City, Utah residents and visitors since 1939. The Town of Central Park was incorporated in 1936 and soon changed to South Salt Lake on September 29, 1938.

On July 10, 1939, David L. Price was appointed as the first Town Marshal of South Salt Lake, but left office on February 10, 1940. The South Salt Lake Town Board appointed F. Dewey Canning as acting Town Marshal. The Town Board had F.D.Canning review all applicants for the position of Town Marshal and report his recommendation to the Town Board.

On March 21, 1940 the Town Board appointed Leslie C. Beckstead as the new Town Marshal of South Salt Lake. He was given a salary of $130 per month, with an added allowance for "the patrol car". On April 16, 1940, in an effort to expand the department, the Town Board authorized Alma Kasteler (the Board member in charge of public safety) to make arrangements for an acting, part-time Deputy Marshal. The salary for the new Deputy was a respectable $1 per night.

SSLPD currently has 76 sworn officers, supported by 24 support employees to include administrative assistance, executive officer, crime analysts, victims advocates, crime scene investigator, evidence technician, records staff, and crossing guards.

South Salt Lake covers the area from 2100 South to 3900 South from the Jordan River east to 700 East. The city has six Community Policing Zones with officers assigned to each zone.

It is the mission of the South Salt Lake Police Department to enhance the quality of life in our city by providing quality police services. We are dedicated to upholding the highest professional standards while serving the community. We are committed to the enforcement of laws to protect life and property, while also respecting individual rights, human dignity, and community values. We are committed to maintaining a partnership with our community and assisting citizens in identifying and solving problems to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

Over the Years

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