Prepare for Court

Prepare for Your Arraignment

If you are scheduled for an arraignment, please watch the Defendant Rights video prior to your hearing.

The following will happen at the Arraignment: 

  • The Charges will be read
  • You will be asked if you want an attorney to represent you, including if you qualify for the appointment of an attorney      
  • A plea will be taken, Not Guilty, Guilty, or No Contest
    • For a guilty or no contest plea, sentencing may take place at that time or can be set for another date
    • For a not guilty plea, a pretrial conference or trial date will be set

If you have questions at your arraignment, the Judge will answer them in the best way possible.  Please remember that the Judge does not know any particulars of you case beyond what is in the charging documents and is not able to provide any legal advise.                    

Pretrial Conference

A Pretrial Conference is a hearing to determine what needs to happen prior to a trail date.  Items that may need to be discussed include discovery, parties availability for trial, motions that may be appropriate, or a plea agreement.  

There likely will not be time to discuss matters with the prosecutor that that would not be appropriate for the Judge to hear at that time (for example, the facts of your case).  Please try to contact the prosecutor's office 801-483-6070 between your arraignment and other hearings to ensure that the case can be resolved as quickly as possible.  

If a case is not resolved at a pretrial conference,  generally the next step is a trial.  The trial date will be set at the hearing. 

Prepare for Jury Duty

If you have been notified to appear for jury selection, please watch the video below.  If you have further questions about appearing for jury selection, please contact the court at 801-483-6072.