In South Salt Lake, we believe health, outdoor activities and safety are all connected. As a result, we have worked to expand our trails system throughout the city, giving residents healthy and safe places to hike and bike during their free time. Many of our trails also run through other municipalities and communities, connecting us with our neighbors.

The Jordan River Parkway Trail

Canoes at the Jordan River Parkway TrailThis trail runs north to south, connecting The Great Salt Lake to Utah Lake - a total of 46 miles. Roughly 3.5 miles of the trail travels through South Salt Lake, along which you can find several parks, as well as trailheads, boat launches and the Jordan River Nature Center.

Given the popularity of this trail, and the unique characteristics of the river, a working group of municipalities and other entities have formed the Jordan River Commission to help promote it. They have been working towards expanding the trail to both sides of the river, installing wayfinding signs and creating a "water trail".

The trail is largely managed by Salt Lake County Parks within South Salt Lake.

Parley's Trail

Parleys TrailThis paved bicycle and pedestrian trail links the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to the Jordan River Parkway Trail.

2.6 of its 8 total miles run through the north end of South Salt Lake. In the eastern stretches, the trail follows Parley's Creek. As it travels through Sugar House, Parley's Trail parallels the S-Line Streetcar. After leaving South Salt Lake's emerging downtown neighborhood, it makes an interesting turn under I-15 / I-80 before heading over Roper Rail Yard and connecting with the Jordan River.

The trail is largely managed by Salt Lake County Parks within South Salt Lake.

Mill Creek Trail (Some Segments Built)

Mill Creek TrailThis trail follows tree-lined Mill Creek that flows from the canyon of the same name. The creek is one of the few naturally flowing streams in Salt Lake Valley.

This trail immerses walkers in a unique ecosystem that includes migratory birds, large shade trees and even fish!

1.5 miles of the planned 3-mile system has been built, with more are on the way. A notable stretch is from 300 E to 500 E where the creek passes through Fitts Park and connects with other small springs and a canal.

Meadowbrook Trail (Some Segments Built)

Meadowbrook TrailThis trail, still under construction, connects pedestrians and cyclists from the Meadowbrook TRAX station to the Jordan River Parkway Trail, at approximately 3900 South.

Portions of the trail have been built (0.7 miles), while others are still in the planning stages (0.75 miles). The goal is to expand access to walkers, bikers and hikers from all over South Salt Lake and the surrounding areas.

Millcreek City and South Salt Lake are collaborating on how this route could be incorporated on 3900 South, as the road is planned for a rebuild.

Biking in South Salt Lake

Children on BicyclesThe Jordan River Parkway, Parley's Trail and Meadowbrook Trail all provide excellent biking throughout SSL and beyond. In addition to these excellent biking trails, 98% of our residents live within two blocks of a street with a bike lane, expanding access throughout our community.

  • To help more residents get outside on their bikes, SSL offers Ready to Ride (PDF), an instructional program on everything our youth and their families need to know about biking!
  • There is an 8-mile bike loop on City trails and bike lanes. Though unsigned, it is easy to follow on this map.
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