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Bicycle Registration

  1. Why Register your Bicycle?

    When you register your bike with the SSLPD, important info about your bike, along with your contact info, is stored in the department’s database. If your bike is ever stolen, all of the information the department needs to list it as stolen, as well as to identify it - and contact you - if it is recovered, will be immediately available to officers.

    What do I do if my bike is stolen?

    You can file a theft report with SSLPD by calling 801-840-4000. If you have already registered your bike with the department, tell the officer and provide them with the registration sticker number (if possible).

    How do I register my bike?

    Registering your bike with the SSLPD is FREE!

    To register your bike, complete this form, then bring it and the bike you are registering to the SSLPD, 2835 S Main St.

    An officer will verify the information and place a registration sticker on your bike.

  2. Bring bike to police department to receive ID tag and complete registration. *
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