Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Division processes the utility payments that ensure your household or apartment is provided with reliable utility services. By paying your bills on time, you are investing in the continued maintenance and improvement of your utilities, from clean drinking water to an efficient sewer network. 

We have made it easier than ever to pay your utility bills: check out our “Pay Your Bill” page to learn more.

Utility Billing Rates - July 2022 (PDF)

What We Do

The City, in cooperation with local partners, facilitates several utilities for its residents and businesses. These include:

  • Wastewater
  • Waste Collection
  • Water
  • Support for additional waste collection options, including Bulk Waste Trailers and Transfer Station access

Depending on the location of the property, utility services may be provided by a combination of entities, including the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, Mt. Olympus Improvement (Sewer), and various garbage removal companies.

Additional Information

How to Start/Stop Services

  • New Ownership - Property owners are required to complete and sign an owner application and bring their owner card into City Hall along with a government-issued photo identification card/driver's license. Should the property be leased out and the tenant required to pay for utility service, we also require the owner to sign an authorization form allowing the tenant to put the bills into their name. (See Downloads to the right). Owners are ultimately responsible for all outstanding charges not paid by the tenant.
  • New Renter- If you are a new tenant, you must:
    • Complete and sign a tenant agreement: Commercial (PDF); Residential (PDF)
    • Bring your tenant card into City Hall along with a government-issued photo identification.
    • Make a payment of a security deposit (currently $75 or 60 days, whichever is greater) prior to an account being transferred into your name.

Connection Fees

If the water meter has been turned off, there is a reconnection fee ($25 to -$65).

If garbage cans need to be delivered, there is a one-time fee of $25, plus the prorated amount of billing. All fees must be paid prior to service being rendered.

Special permits may be required for inspection of non-qualifying residential units to determine the number of units and corresponding trash collection needs.