Safety in our programs is a top priority. This begins with having the right people on our team which is why we ensure staff members are properly vetted and prepared to provide the highest quality of programs.  

Family Notice Regarding Childcare Licensure and Complaints 

The Utah Department of Health licenses child care facilities. By law, our programs are not required to be state licensed, and are not state licensed.

State law does require all child care facilities, including those who are not required to be state licensed, to submit information to the Department of Health in order to conduct criminal and child abuse/neglect background screenings of all staff in the facility. Our programs are required to submit information for all staff so that a background screening can be conducted. Individuals who do not pass the background screening cannot be employed. 

The Department of Health also investigates complaints of health and safety risks in both licensed and unlicensed child care facilities. To learn more about Child Care Licensing, or to submit a complaint about a health or safety risk in a child care facility, contact the Child Care Licensing Program at: 



In addition to adhering to Childcare Licensing requirements, staff are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training per year in the following areas: 
- Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility 
- Mandatory Reporting 
- CPR/First Aid 
- Food Safety 
- Emergency Preparedness
- School Day Alignment 
- Youth Development 
- Positive Behavior Support 
- Social Emotional Learning 
- Cultural Responsiveness 
- Recognizing Signs of Homelessness 
- Community Outreach and Engagement 
- Risk and Protective Factors 
- Social Determinants of Health 
- Civic Engagement 
- Mental Health