Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone (HTRZ)

After several long months of hard work and planning with many partners and input from residents, the City of South Salt Lake is beyond thrilled to announce the unanimous approval of our HTRZ application! We are grateful to the HTRZ committee for seeing our vision and providing the tools that will help make this a reality. This will have a huge impact on the redevelopment of Downtown SSL around the Utah Transit Authority Central Pointe Station and SSL/Main St Station.


The Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Act (HTRZ) was authorized in the 2021 General Legislative Session (SB217) by Senator Wayne Harper and Representative Steve Handy. At its core, it provides funding for municipalities and communities to work with developers to address lack of housing and affordable housing around transit hubs in Utah.


The redevelopment plan of Downtown SSL has been a goal of the City and Mayor Cherie Wood for over a decade, but without adequate funding to incentivize developers the City has been stuck. The transportation infrastructure surrounding Downtown SSL makes it a prime location to facilitate walkable and public transit-friendly residential development. Now, with HTRZ funds, South Salt Lake is poised to create density around the Utah Transit Authority - UTA Central Pointe Station and SSL/Main St Station. This means a lot more apartments, condos, and townhomes in the area. HTRZ funding will allow the City to work with developers to include affordable housing options in these new, and inevitable, developments. In additional to residential buildings, the area will need public gathering spaces, more walking and biking paths with better connectivity to existing transit and regional paths, and landscaping /streetscaping to beautify the area. All very exciting things for Downtown SSL.


Its early stages, but we are excited to share this news and opportunity with not only residents and businesses of South Salt Lake, but the entire Salt Lake Valley. We look forward to keeping the public updated on progress as it becomes available. Sign up for our monthly On The Move Newsletter to receive the latest updates.


SSL Community and Economic Development Director, Jonathan Weidenhamer, presented our HTRZ application to the City's Redevelopment Agency (RDA) during the November 15 public meeting.  You can view the South Salt Lake HTRZ application here.

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