Access to Parks and Nature

South Salt Lake is a leader in providing parks, trails and open space for all residents and visitors to our community. All residents in South Salt Lake can walk to a park, plaza, or trailhead and participate in recreational activities. We are a community that values the preservation and protection of the natural environment through land use and development decisions and our actions.

-South Salt Lake General Plan 2040

SSL residential neighborhoods have historically benefited from a network of parks, trails, open space, and recreation facilities. As the city has grown and new residential development occurs in new areas of the city, the network of park and recreation sites must expand to continue to serve all South Salt Lake residents and visitors. To fulfill our commitment to this objective, South Salt Lake is updating its 2015 Parks Master Plan to guide planning for the city's collection of parks and recreation facilities. This plan will provide a high-level guide for the vision of the park system, while future individual park plans will address the details for individual park sites.

What is a Parks Master Plan?

It's an inventory of all parks, open spaces, trails, and urban forestry in South Salt Lake. The plan provides strategy to fill gaps for installing future parks in neighborhoods where access to parks is insufficient for growing populations. SSL works to create equitable access to these spaces for all residents. In addition to analyzing access to parks and open spaces, examining their distribution and bike/pedestrian connectivity is essential to understanding existing gaps and overlaps. The new Parks Master Plan will establish long-term planning tools to provide the framework for the future growth, development, and improvement of SSL parks, open spaces and trails, and how we work with partners to meet City goals.

Your Voice Matters!

We recently completed a Parks Master Plan Survey to gather information and community input to understand how residents use our parks and identify opportunities for improvements to the park network. The information is being reviewed and will be shared with the public in the coming months. If you are interested in being part of the Parks Plan process, please email Anthony.

Take this short survey to tell us how you use the city's current parks, what activities you enjoy, and what you hope to see in the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Parks Master Plan Timeline

Summer/Fall 2023 Winter 2024 Early Spring 2024 Late Spring 2024 Summer 2024 2024 & Beyond
Community Engagement at Event Pop-ups (Mural Fest, 85th Celebration, Craftoberfest, Breakfast with Santa)

Online Community Survey

Webpage Launch

Refine Scope of Plan
City Council Presentation

Form Advisory Committee

Community Workshops

Promise SSL Youth Workshops
Develop Draft Plan

Community Workshops
Final Plan

City Council Review
Prepare Plan for City Council Adoption

Community Parks Master Plan Published
Parks Impact Fee Study

Parks Action Plan

Capital Improvements Plan

Property Acquisition and Agreements

Parks Design and Construction

Documents and Reports

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