Housing for All

Housing stability is vital to a productive, healthy and vibrant community. It is essential to childhood development, reducing intergenerational poverty, increasing economic mobility, and promoting good physical and mental health.

But attainable/affordable housing is a growing regional issue and one that is increasingly important to residents and workers in South Salt Lake. We understand that people searching for a home need to consider price, commute time, schools, transit options, access to services and neighborhood amenities – and we want those homes to be available in South Salt Lake.

Our goal: Encourage the equitable development of diverse, safe, affordable, and attractive housing that is accessible and appropriate for residents of all incomes, needs, ages, backgrounds, and familial status.

During the 2022 general session, the Utah State Legislature passed HB 462 which modified the moderate income housing provisions associated with a municipality’s general plan. This required South Salt Lake to update our general plan in response to those changes and to include a moderate income housing element that does the following:

  • Provides a realistic opportunity to meet the need for additional moderate income housing within the next five years;
  • Selects three or more moderate income housing strategies for implementation, including one additional moderate income housing strategy for municipalities with a fixed public transit station; and
  • Includes an implementation plan.

Your Voice Matters!

While we have met the State’s requirements for moderate income housing, South Salt Lake understands the importance of going above and beyond. We are interested in the specific needs of our residents and the best tools, funding approaches, and other strategies to address affordability gaps.

Resident input plays an important role in the growth of South Salt Lake. As we embark on our updated Moderate Income Housing Plan, we need to hear from you! What’s most important to you in a home? What do you and your family care most about? How is South Salt Lake meeting your current housing needs? Read more below about Moderate Income Housing and then help South Salt Lake implement housing strategies that make life in our city better for all by taking this survey.

The survey is now closed. Please check back for survey result updates and progress on the Housing Plan.

Timeline for South Salt Lake’s Housing Study

Phase 1: Needs assessment
August – September

1. Establish demographic baseline
2. Analysis of existing housing inventory
3. Understand community values as they relate to housing
      - Survey
      - Community outreach

Phase 2: Housing strategies
October - November

1. Identify housing strategies that work for South Salt Lake
2. Community outreach to generate input on strategies
     - Focus groups
     - Staff round tables
     - Stakeholder meeting
     - Promise family outreach
3. Draft housing plan
Phase 3: Housing plan
December - January

1. Draft housing plan
2. Review with public
     - Survey
     - Website
     - In-person events
3. City Council update
4. Planning Commission meeting
5. Council adoption
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