Beautiful Yard Awards

Beautiful Yard Awards

During the summer, SSL recognizes residents who have made exceptional efforts that positively impact their neighborhoods. We encourage you to take a closer look around your block and nominate fellow neighbors and residents for a Beautiful Yard award. There are many benefits to a healthy and beautiful yard:

  • Reduce the need for water through xeriscape and low-water landscaping with drip lines (read more on why and how you can help conserve water).
  • Create habitat for wildlife by planting plants, trees, and seeds to attract pollinators (bees and butterflies), birds, and other wildlife.
  • Reduce the temperature with trees that shade the ground and combat heat islands in our urban areas.
  • Improve physical and mental health of yourself and others by working in your yard and creating beautiful landscaping that others walk by and enjoy.
  • Create a safe place for kids to play that helps foster a connection to nature with children.
  • Provide a safe space for pets to exercise and play through proper fencing/gating and by eliminating plants and supplies that are toxic to dogs, cats, and other wildlife.
  • Give yourself more free time for yourself and your family, because once you're created a healthy, sustainable and beautiful yard, you will spend less time maintaining it.

Not everyone has the luxury of having or interest in maintaining a yard, which is why we also recognize our Beautiful Balconies. If you would like to nominate a resident for a Beautiful Yard or Beautiful Balcony award, click below or contact SSL Neighborhoods at 801-464-6757 or

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