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We know that good neighborhoods start with good neighbors, which is why we are offering residents the opportunity to apply for a Neighborhood Block Party Grant. Block parties are a great way for neighbors to come together, build relationships, and engage in family-fun activities. Whether you want to host a block BBQ, cultural event, or neighborhood kids' party, we are here to support you with some financial help, your event permit application, and answer any questions.

Review all the guidelines and steps below and apply for a grant! Our Block Party Grant program has limited funds, so grants will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. If you'd like to host a block party without applying for the grant, complete the online application below and select "no" for the grant. We would still be happy to assist with your event permit and planning process.

1. Understand the Guidelines

  - Each grant will fund eligible expenses up to $300.

  - Eligible expenses include items such as food, paper goods, door prizes, and entertainment/performers.

  - Ineligible expenses include alcohol, permanent play equipment, tent rental, stages and/or risers.

  - Host or sponsor agrees to allow all residents in the neighborhood to participate in the block party.

  - The block party must occur on the block in which the host/sponsor resides.

  - The host/sponsor of the block party assumes full responsibility for cleanup.

2. Submit Grant Application and Event Permit

Applications will be open through October 1, or until our Block Party Grant funds are exhausted. Applications must be received at least two weeks (10 business days) prior to the party date to ensure City personnel have time to receive, review, and approve your application. You must also complete and submit an Event Permit two weeks prior to the party. Block parties must take place by October 31, 2023. The City of South Salt Lake reserves the right to deny any block party application.

3. Get Approved

You will receive an email or phone call once your application has been received to review your party details, and to see how City personnel may help.

4. Payment

Once approved, you will need to visit City Hall to sign a final grant approval at least two days before your party and receive your grant funding.

Block Party Grant Application

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  4. By accepting Block Party grant money, you agree to have a Neighborhoods city staff member join, and for the city to invite your local City Council member. If you would like to have any other city official attend the event (Police, Fire, Animal Services, etc), please let us know below and we will work to have a presence.

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